Do you feel some pain and numbness in the shoulder area? Chances are you have a pinched nerve in upper back. A pinched nerve is usually associated with pain and tingling sensation. If the symptoms radiate to other parts of the body, you may need to consult a neuropathy expert or even a chiropractor.

Neuropathy usually leads to numbness and tingling sensation.

numbness pictureSymptoms of Pinched Nerve in Upper Back

The pinched nerve in the shoulders usually start as a dull pain near the shoulder blades to the upper back. However, it could lead to painful experience when you try to move your arms and shoulders. Sometimes, it could also emit numbing and tingling from the shoulders to the forearms and hands. This is the same as having numbness in the upper back to the hips.

Loss of sensation in the surrounding areas is also a classic symptom of pinched nerve. This is attributed too to numbness. Moreover, one could also feel some muscle spasms.

In some cases, an isolated pinched nerve in the shoulders could also cause pain in the elbows and the base of the neck. If these cases limit your movement due to pain, consult a physician.

What Causes Pinched Nerve in Upper Back?

There are several factors leading to pinched nerve. It could be muscle strain or heavy lifting of objects. Sometimes, the nerves that induce numbness could be attributed to diseases like stroke, diabetes and other nerve problems. Still, it is best to consult a doctor if the pinched nerve symptoms won’t go away after several days.

Treatment for Pinched Nerve in the Upper Back

You can choose from different options of pinched nerve shoulder treatments. For one, you could put ice on the area where you feel pain. It is also possible to gently do exercises where you can lift your arm and rotate your shoulders.

Make sure that you do this exercises gently to avoid any other complications like muscle knots. On the other hand, you can also get massages for pinched nerves from your local chiropractor or physical therapist.

You may also take anti inflammatory medicines like the ones you can buy from pharmacies, without any prescriptions. Pain killers are also good for temporary relief.

Lastly, you should always aim for correct posture whether sitting or standing. The posture that you have will eventually affect the overall alignment of your spinal column, muscles in the shoulders and upper back,.