Do you have toothache and numbness of the face? Usually, people with teeth alignment experience numbness in their faces. However, this is not the only problems as most of them also experience toothache. What causes toothache and facial numbness?

Neuropathy usually leads to numbness and tingling sensation.

Causes of Numbness in the Face

Facial numbness that happen in the forehead, cheeks and chin are possibly due to nerve compression. There is a single nerve beside your ears that connects the three areas of the face.

The nerve can be found very near the jaw joint. When this single nerve is irritated and compressed, you will probably feel numbness on one side of the face, cheek tingling and numbness, numb chin or even a numb forehead.

The main cause of numbness in the face is dental malocclusion resulting to TMJ. This condition points to a misaligned jaw due to misaligned set of teeth. Usually, a person with bad bite will experience toothache first and then followed by numbing of the face.

Therefore, if you have toothache with numbness of the face, there is a high chance that you have dental malocclusion. Sometimes, toothaches will last for a few days before you will feel and tingling sensation on the face.

Toothache and facial numbness can happen simultaneously confirming that you have indeed a bad bite.

Face numbness when eating

This is yet another confirmation that you have problems with teeth alignment. When you chew or bite, there is a possibility that the jaw joint presses on the TMJ nerves, causing pain and numbing.

Treatment for Numbness and Toothache

A TMJ remedy is probably what you need. TMJ treatments are available fromĀ  your dentist but you can also get some home relief. Here are some of the ways for you to minimize toothache and numbness:

OTC Medicines for Toothache and Numbness

For numbness, you may take some vitamin supplements to help in nerve regeneration and repair. Vitamins B1, B6 and B12 are powerful vitamins for nerves.

On the other hand, you may take any pain relievers for your toothache. For example, Mefenamic acid or Paracetamol are good for these types of pains.

What Doctor Should I Consult for Numbness and Toothache?

A dentist is your best bet for minor symptoms. However, take note that numbness of any body parts that include other serious symptoms (losing balance, inability to walk, loss of memory, severe headaches) warrant a visit to a physician. A neurologist would be able to help you diagnose your condition.