The loss of feeling in fingers and toes are sure signs of peripheral neuropathy. This is a condition when a person feels numbness, tingling in hands and feet, loss of sensation and sometimes burning feeling on the skin. Neuropathy can be treated with medicines and therapies. However, it may also be just a symptom of a more severe medical condition. Some concerns diseases associated with neuropathy are stroke, sclerosis, herniated disc and even diabetes.

Neuropathy usually leads to numbness and tingling sensation.

Loss of feeling symptoms

The usual body parts that experience loss of feeling are the hands, fingers, toes and even face. The condition results to some of the following symptoms:

Loss of feeling and sensation in the hands

If you have numbness in the fingers, it may be due to carpal tunnel syndrome. The nerves in your wrist may be irritated causing numbness and loss of sensation in the fingers. The usualy cause is strain and long term use of devices (such as computer keyboards) that are non-ergonomic.

On the other hand, diabetes and multiple sclerosis are also possible sources of loss of feeling in the hands. Usually, it starts with mild numbness and then progresses to loss of sensation.

Loss of feeling and sensation in the legs

When the lower part of your body is concerned, one possible cause of this neuropathy may be attributed to herniated disc. The condition involves the slipping of the lumbar cushion in your hips, causing the nerves inside to get irritated. You may also feel shooting and stabbing pain in the butt, thighs and legs. However, there are also instances when nerve diseases like Parkinson’s disease or diabetic neuropathy is involved.

Stress can also cause loss of sensation and numbness in the entire body. When you are stressed out, the hormones and electrolytes in the body loses its natural balance, thus causing numbness and loss of feeling.

In some cases, this condition is aggravated with panic attacks, anxiety attacks and chronic fatigue syndrome. If you think that you are overworked, try to modify your lifestyle and do some relaxing activities to reduce your stress.

On the other hand, fibromyalgia may also result to loss of sensation in different body parts like the arms, forearms, face, breast area and the back area. This is a chronic muscle condition that needs special attention.

Cures and treatments for loss of feeling

You may first do the loss of sensation home treatments that do not require medication. This is doing some light exercises. It relieves your stress and may also provide good blood circulation.

In addition, you may take some vitamin supplements that are good for nerve damages like Vitamins B1, B6 and B12. Get lots of sleep and limit your intake of high sugar foods. If the loss of sensation bothers you or if it is accompanied with pain, you need to consult a doctor right away.