Do you experience numb butt and pain? Usually, the cause may involve sciatica pain in the nerve, spinal problem or herniated disc. But for some cases, numbness in the buttocks could mean a more serious health condition. Today, we will give you some info on what causes of numb butt and pain in the legs.

Neuropathy usually leads to numbness and tingling sensation.

Sciatic nerve pain involves the irritation in the nerves within the spinal column. Some other symptoms that may accompany buttock numbness are leg pain, thigh pain and numbness or knee pain. In this case, it is possible that the nerve has been experiencing severe irritation, which can be due to an underlying injury or degenerative disease in the nervous system. There are some options for surgery but the doctor will first evaluate whether the patient really needs a surgery or not. Some other sciatic conditions may involve the following numb buttocks symptoms:

What causes sciatica nerve pain?

One of the most common causes is herniated disc. This happens when the lumbar presses on the nerves in the spinal column resulting to nerve irritation. However, some causes are not physical in nature. For example, inflammation of the nerves and irritation may be due to infections in the muscle, tissues, or bones. In some cases, tumors may contribute to numb buttocks with pain. Pregnancy may result to some other causes of numbness in the butt together with pain in the things and knees. Therefore, buttock numbness in pregnant women may be common.

Is there a treatment for numb butt?

As always, butt numbness treatment may not be possible unless you know the source of the pain and numbness. However, there are simple remedies that you can do temporarily. For example, you may undergo neuropathy massages or physical therapy to stop butt numbing. Butt numbness may also be due to running, riding a bike or doing sports that involve the legs. Bear in mind that if the numbness goes away after a few days, it should not be a problem.

An x-ray, CT scan or MRI can be used to see what causes your numb butt. But if you think the numbness is tolerable and usually goes away, you simply need gentle massages, exercises and take vitamins for numb butt such as Vitamin B complex.

What is Herniated Disk?

Herniated disc is a condition in the lumbar, the lower part of your spinal column, where the lumbar joints press on the nerves. When this happens, the nerves get irritated and will result to lower back pain, tingling, and numbness in the butt and things, and sharp stabbing pain in the legs. The only way to correct this is through surgery. However, there are some physical treatments that can relieve pain.

Other concerns

Some numbness in the buttocks may be accompanied with numbness in the groin area. This is normal because the nerves involved are coming from the same area of concern if ever you have spinal problems. Other diseases that cause numb buttocks are multiple sclerosis, diabetic neuropathy due to diabetes and stress.