It is not unusual for thumbs to go numb. Most people who experience this are worried that they have a nerve disease. However, even though it is sometimes true that nerve diseases cause numbness, there are other conditions that result to tingling, twitching and numbness of any body parts. What causes numb thumb?

Neuropathy usually leads to numbness and tingling sensation.

If your right or left thumb is numb, there are possible explanations for it. Thumb numbness is not an actual disease by itself but a symptom of a health condition or illness. For one, peripheral neuropathy may result to numbness of the thumb. Neuropathy is the disturbance of nerve connections that result to sudden numbness. It may include tingling sensation in the thumb or even thumb twitching. One possible cause of neuropathy is diabetes. There is a condition called diabetic neuropathy which is why it is important for you to measure your blood sugar levels especially if you are 35 years old and above.

On the other hand, numbness in the thumb and other fingers may be due to wrist disorder called carpal tunnel syndrome. When you do frequent and straining activities, you may develop this medical condition. The nerves on your wrist gets irritated which will cause hand pain, numbness of the hands and palm and of course thumb numbing. It may also involve some tingling and pricking sensation on the top of your skin.

Treatments for numb thumb are available and successful only if you know the exact cause. For example, diabetic neuropathy may be treated using medicines recommended for diabetics. Of course, it would help if you will exercise daily. In addition, the intake of vitamins good for nerves will help. Vitamins for numbness include B1, B6 and B12.

In some cases, the cause of thumb numbness may involve stress and anxiety. Such conditions can do harmful things to your body which will also induce symptoms such as twitching of the muscles and numbness. It is therefore important that you modify your lifestyle especially if you think you are usually stressed out.